Digital Hermeneutics and "The Red Pill": Myriad Shades of Grey

人物 Inge van de Ven  Tom van Nuenen 
日期 2017年04月24日(周一)
时间 18:30 - 20:00
地点 虹口校区逸夫图书馆604会议室
主办 跨文化研究中心
语言 英语 English

上海外国语大学跨文化研究中心、荷兰蒂尔堡大学 ErasmusPlus “Training Mobility Visiting Scholar program” 联合呈现:

#The IC PhD Forum Series#

This presentation engages with discourses of masculinity and personal philosophy for men on the subReddit page The Red Pill, which defines itself as a discussion forum of "sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men” ( The subReddit has often sparked discussions on misogyny and is contextualized by the growing popularity of alt-right and anti-feminist discourses online. The case study forms an opportunity to engage with a host of socio-political issues from a Digital Humanities perspective.

In our approach to understanding the discourses on the platform, which we call Digital Hermeneutics, we are inspired by the ontological hermeneutics of Hans-Georg Gadamer, which understands the interpretive enterprise as a dialogue in which one oscillates between part and whole. Digital hermeneutics in our conceptualization describes a circular structure that vacillates between the big data (‘N=all’) perspective of the whole, and a close reading of the part, or the sample. We explore and discuss several possibilities to come to such a scaled, oscillating reading.


Inge van de Ven

Inge van de Ven is Assistant Professor of Online Culture in the Department of Culture Studies at Tilburg School of Humanities (Netherlands). She holds a PhD from Utrecht University, where she also completed postdoctoral research at Education for Learning Societies. She was a lecturer in the Comparative Literature department at Utrecht University and in Film and Literary Studies at Leiden University. She has published in European Journal of English Studies, Image & Narrative, and Between, as well as several edited volumes, and is currently working on a book titled Monumental Novels: Big Books in times of Big Data.

Tom van Nuenen

Tom van Nuenen is Assistant Professor in Online Culture at the Department of Culture Studies at Tilburg University. He teaches popular culture and digital methods, and performs research into forms of reading and writing travel in online ecologies. He has held a Visiting Fellowship at the University of Western Sydney (2016) and the Shanghai International Studies University (2017). His articles have appeared in Tourist Studies, Games and Culture and The Journal of Popular Culture, and he is currently co-writing a chapter in the Cambridge History of Travel Writing.