Archeological Excavations in Istanbul Subway Transportation Projects: Archeological Excavations in Marmaray Projects and Yenikapı Station

人物 Rahmi Asal 
日期 2018年05月18日(周五)
时间 13:00 - 15:00
地点 松江校区图文信息中心T220
主办 东方语学院
语言 英语 English


The Harbor of Theodosius, constructed in 4. Century, A.D., was located in the area in which Yenikapı Station of Marmaray and Istanbul Railway is located. The excavations towards both stations in Yenikapı had been carried out in an area of approximately 60000 square meter. A few findings of Roman Era had been found just beneath the Byzantine layer. Findings are generally to be dated back to the 2-4. centuries. Apollo figures made of ivory and statutes of women and men made of marble could be samples of above mentioned findings. Likewise, compared to the findings of Byzantine Era, only a few findings of Hellenistic, Classic and Archaic Periods have been located on the ground made of large and small natural stones at the base of the harbor. Oenochoe, jug, kylix, kantharos and plates might be the good samples. A Neolithic settlement, which was one of the oldest settlements in in Historical Peninsula of Istanbul, was unearthed just beneath the base of the harbor in a loamy black base at 6.40 meters below ground level. In this base, wattle-and-daub architecture ruins, graves, pot, jug, stone and tools made of bone had been found. By this settlement, Istanbul’s history has been taken back 8500 years which had already been known as 2700 years.


Rahmi Asal

Rahmi Asal,1965年生,分别毕业于土耳其伊斯坦布尔大学和色雷斯大学,2005年起任伊斯坦布尔考古博物馆副馆长(İstanbul Archaeology Museums)。