Marketing, Branding and HR: Intercultural or Regional Approach?

日期 2018年10月21日(周日)
时间 18:30 - 20:30
地点 虹口校区会议中心MBA案例室
主办 国际工商管理学院, MBA教育中心
承办 国际工商管理学院, MBA教育中心
语言 英语 English

The object of this conference is to point out the importance to stay flexible and adaptive in marketing, when international events come to change drastically the vision of the global market.

The Liberal and Neo-liberal doctrine seems to have played a major role on the orientation of the economy, and also on the conception of the market approach made by major companies or corporate groups during the last decade. Mainly oriented on the intercultural tactic, developed by think tanks such as Chicago or Penstate, neoliberal researchers have tried to diversify their approach, creating on an international level of lobbying, and opening new concepts like gender studies, minority studies, colonial studies or intercultural studies. Following these doctrines, the business and the economy have redesigned their strategies and tactics, in order to limit the diversification of brand names. So, following this path, companies have also changed the type of recruitment of their executive and CEO. If globalisation of the market has improved the redefinition of the concept of marketing on every level, it has also killed the business philosophy.

The election of D. Trump as head of the USA has changed drastically the rules. We suddenly pass from a neo-liberal doctrine to a classical capitalistic policy. If the USA’s companies seem to have some problems adapting themselves to this new rule, on the contrary, the rest of the world seems to come back to the normal process. For China, Europe or Russia, they simply react to the situation by redeploying their economy on the regional level, so as to strength the local economy instead of the global economy, and to redesign their marketing methodology by merging local brands, by management, and by extending their marketing strategy. As a result, new attitudes appear, for example, transcultural replaces intercultural, regional replaces global, and geostrategic replaces international relations.



LOPATINSKY Boris is Lecturer at Shanghai International Studies University at the African-Asiatic Studies. During Three years he have teach Politics, International Law, History, for Master and PhD students. He has also taught at the French department at the elite management class during three years, teaching HR, Management, Marketing, Risk management, Economic intelligence and business law. As Lecturer, he has serve during 15 years in China (Changchun, Guangzhou, Dalian) teaching mainly politics institutions, press and history. As researcher on strategy and conflict, he has works in French Polynesia two years, in Canada at Montreal one years and in Middle East four years. He has also works in France as researcher and Assistant Professor in various university or researcher center majorly in Sociology field.