Overarching Themes in American Culture: Survey of Five Essential Themes for Understanding American Culture

讲次 第 7 讲
人物 Curtis Evans 
日期 2018年11月27日(周二)
时间 18:00 - 20:00
地点 松江校区行政楼123
主办 教务处
语言 英语 English

This talk will explore five important themes from American history and culture that have molded contemporary American society. It will also encourage participants to view history and culture through the lens of overarching themes that can help tie together disparate but important strands of narratives into a unified and coherent mosaic.


Curtis Evans

Curtis Evans,英语学院外教。
*Columbia College, Columbia University, BA, History
*Harvard University, MA, History
*Cambridge University, CELTA
*IELTS Examiner and IELTS teacher
*Have helped many Chinese students apply to and be accepted by Top Universities in America and Britain
*Sixteen Years Teaching English in Chinese Universities
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