Creation of Local Society and Happiness

讲次 第 12 讲
人物 野村茂治 
日期 2019年05月07日(周二)
时间 18:15 - 20:15
地点 松江校区第4教学楼106
主办 教务处, 日本文化经济学院
语言 英语 English

The lecturer would like to explain about some problems Japanese society is facing with such as the aging society, issue of nursing the elderly, activation or creation of local society, basing on data. In particular, we would like to think about relationship between scale of city and happiness. He has widely done research on international economics, economics of family and population problem, and written a lot of papers and books. He would give a hint about how to treat with such difficult problems by applying modern economic theory to them this time.