Moving forward in corpus-based interpreting studies: Explorations and perspectives

人物 潘珺 
日期 2021年03月26日(周五)
时间 19:00 - 21:00
语言 汉语, 英语 English

The subfield of corpus-based interpreting studies (CIS), with its considerable potential and practical applications in teaching and research, has made good advancements over the past decades. Still, further development of this subdiscipline is faced with challenges and obstacles inherited from the activity of interpreting per se. How will CIS move forward, building on the ground-breaking work of pioneers of this “(wired) cottage industry”, in this era of artificial intelligence and big data? In this talk, I will introduce the construction and possible applications of the Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC), an open-access mega corpus consisting of over six million word tokens. Studies based on the CEPIC data will be discussed to illustrate the benefits of tapping into interdisciplinary perspectives of digital humanities and data science. Through these examples, I hope to show possible ways to build synergies with other disciplines that can help to further advance CIS.





Dr. Jun PAN is Associate Professor in the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Intercultural Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. She works as Managing Editor of Bandung: Journal of the Global South and Review Editor of The Interpreter and Translator Trainer. Her research interests include digital humanities and interpreting/translation studies, corpus-based interpreting/translation studies, interpreting/translation and political discourse, learner factors in interpreter training, professionalism in interpreting, bibliometric studies, etc.