DG Interpretation's Speech-to-text-project

人物 Inne Daneels 
日期 2022年01月18日(周二)
时间 17:00 - 18:30
地点 ZOOM (ID: 814 919 48166 / 972172)
主办 党委宣传部, 高级翻译学院, 中国外语战略研究中心
语言 英语 English

In this lecture, Inne Daneels will describe the underlying principles of the Speech to Text technology. She will explain why the European Commission has decided to invest in the development of its own S2T solutions and will comment on their added value and possible applications, both inside and outside the Commission. Furthermore, she will explain how interpreters contribute to the improvement of these EU specific models and demonstrate them in practice.


Inne Daneels

Inne Daneels has been working as a conference interpreter for the European Commission since 2013, from English, French, German and Polish into Dutch. She has been closely involved in the Commission’s Speech to Text project from its very beginning, participating in coordination, communication and training-related tasks. She is contributing actively to the further development of specific EU-related custom models and to the implementation of services that will become available in this field in the future.