Translation and Governance: State Translation Activities in the Yuan and Qing Dynasties

讲次 第 6 讲
人物 Riccardo Moratto 
日期 2022年01月22日(周六)
时间 16:30 - 18:00
地点 腾讯会议(ID: 176-553-527)
主办 翻译研究院
语言 汉语, 英语 English

How did State authorities use translation for political and cultural governance in the Yuan and Qing dynasties? The interplay of governance and translation is a rather complex phenomenon. Looking into the institutions, regimes and practices involved in this process, the translation activities initiated by the Yuan and Qing courts are analyzed in detail and defined as a kind of State Translation Program (STP). An introduction of STP, a new concept coined by Chinese scholars in recent years, is put forward to elaborate on the relations and distinction between STP and the frequently used concepts of “institutional translation” and “government translation”.


Riccardo Moratto

Prof. Dr. Riccardo Moratto 莫冉教授,现为上海外国语大学高级翻译学院教授、南京农业大学外国语学院荣誉客座教授、外教社口译丛书主编、中国翻译协会专家会员、澳门翻译协会荣誉会员等职务。 Moratto教授是一名国际会议口译员及著名文学译者。于2021年荣获英国皇家特许语言学家协会授予的特许语言学家资质证明(Chartered Linguist, Royal Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK)。他还是Routledge新丛书Routledge Studies in East Asian Interpreting主编。